ANTEi Labs

ANTEi Labs is all about a hardcore passion for custom gaming! We work with our clients to build the hand-crafted PC of their dreams. Liquid cooling, lighting, overclocking, cable sleeving/managing, painting/designs, case modding. You want it, we'll build it! We also offer a variety of pre-configured PCs so gamers can get a stunning, capable PC with no hassle and jump straight into the battle.


With years of experience building all kinds of PCs, we have developed a talent and obsession with custom computers. Nothing makes us more happy than when we can sit down and just build, mod, design, and create all day long. This is truly what we love to do.

Our History

ANTEi Labs started from a love and obsession with PCs of all kinds. We wanted to be able to build our own brand of high-end gaming PCs that reflected our idea of the best, most desirable machines, with our own personal touches. Power, capability, performance as well as aesthetic beauty, we wanted our rigs to have it all.