About Us

ANTEi Labs is all about a hardcore passion for building custom PCs! We work with our clients to build the hand-crafted PC of their dreams. We build PCs with liquid cooling, lighting, overclocking, cable sleeving/managing, painting/designs, case modding etc. We also sell from our inventory of pre-built gaming PCs.

With over 10 years of experience building all kinds of PCs, we have developed a talent and obsession with custom computers. Nothing makes us more happy than when we can sit down and just build, mod, design, and create all day long. This is truly what we love to do. As the owner of ANTEi Labs, I take a lot of inspiration from my father - whom I admired greatly. He founded and operated three different consulting and software development companies over the span of 30 years and throughout my childhood, and I strive to take the baton from him and carry on his legacy. He did what he loved for a living and I plan on doing the same - in my own way. Just like him, my primary focus is on delighting my customers and providing the best quality product and service - all while meeting budget expectations. I look forward to helping you build your dream PC!