With ANTEi Labs, we give you the opportunity to build your dream PC, with anything a gamer could want. Liquid cooling, Overclocking, lighting, components, just let us know and we'll build it by hand just for you.

To get started, Contact us to discuss the custom work you want done. The benefit of doing business with us is that we can build your PC exactly how you want it; not just which components you want under the hood, but how you want it to look and how much personality you want it to have!

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Custom Services We Provide:

  • Full System Builds
  • Liquid Cooling (Soft or Rigid Tubing)
  • Minor Case Modding
  • Lighting (LED, RGB, Ultraviolet, etc.)
  • Cable Sleeving
  • Cable Management
  • Overclocking
  • Upgrades

Additional Services:

  • Linux and Other Alternate Operating System Installation

(Custom PC's of this quality take time! Please allow 10 days for assembly)

Tell us what you want us to do!
How much do you want to spend?
Tell us about your custom PC! (The more details, the better)
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